A Pixel 6 pro screen protector worth a review !

I used to think screen protectors were applied in three steps, peel, stick, peel the other side, Not this one though !

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This is one different screen protector that comes with it’s own UV lamp ! it is the MOWEI (evatmaster) ! but is it worth all the hassle ? (See it on Amazon)

The claim is that it is a 9/10 on the hardness scale (Mohs scale), which is obviously hard to believe ! actually, I am very darn sure it is not, that is literally 1 step below diamond, so we all know the claim is not true, but it probably is scratch proof to a good extent. (Some guy tested the hardness, turned out to start scratching at 6, and get heavily scratched at 7, which is not bad, but again, nowhere near 9, (example: sapphire, the material the iPhone glass is made of is only theoretically a 9, but the impurities put it at around 8)

Okay, So let me start with installing it ! it comes with 3 Videos on how to install, how to remove bubbles, and how to remove the protector.

Let me give you the lowdown first, Up to now the experience is perfect, no lift with any of the covers I have, fingerprint sensor works perfectly, and cameras are very clear, also before curing with the UV lamp, you can drive the bubbles out easily, spills from the glue are easy to remove by hand, and up to now, the phone cover does not cause any lift, but i cured it far longer than the 2 minutes in the instructions.

If the excess glue is not going into dangouris places (your USB port or speakers, cure first, and then the glue comes out easly)

Pixel 6 stuff

To begin with, the links here are Amazon associate links, what this means is that buying things using those links will result in a commission for me ! to recap. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

What I am trying to do is to create a cover that allows me to switch between USB OTG devices easily at the workshop, so i created a 3D printed connector that fits with the following parts, the STL for that model will be provided once I use it and make sure it works, In addition to the pixel 6 pro, have made the 3D printed connector holder for the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, Ulefone Power 5, Ulefone Armor 3,

The external camera also has a 3D printed case design which I will also share… the screen protector has nothing to do with the project, but i am getting it anyways because it is nice if you have screen protection at the workshop, the screen protection uses UV curing adhesive ! which may or may not ruin your oleophobic coating on your screen (remains to be seen)

Things that I am getting

Screen protector Here said to work best with the fingerprint sensor (Once you use the penny trick), and tough enough to stay put with those curved edges !

2 phone covers here (Shaded Spurce (Green) and Slate (Grey))

4 of USB C Magnetic Adapter here, 2 Elbow and 2 Flat Elbow

Things that I don’t want to buy but are worth mentioning

Google’s Air Buds (Pixel) are on sale for $99 (here) and the pro are discounted at $199 (Here), I personally like my ugreen with qualcom chipset, So i don’t think i will get the google ones any time soon, but they are here for ref.