Godaddy credits expire before being activated

I just got off the phone with Godaddy, as usual, i have my “strange godaddy thing of the day”, i have just learned that i lost my $125 of Google advertising coupons because i did not activate the credit from within my godaddy account within a month of buying the product that got me the credits

What you need to know, don’t save your ad credits for later, even when you don’t activate them, they expire, nothing written on that, they don’t tell you anywhere, but the Google ad credit coupons expire on their own after 1 month of the purchase not of activation.

This time, i login to get a receipt from an old API account i have with godaddy, and godaddy tells me they have Google credits for me, i say yipee, and go to collect them, then i start a new adwords account with my gmail Google account, and then what do you know, Google tells me this credit has expired “This promotional code has expired. Learn more”.

So i go to godaddy’s website and other sources, but it only says that the credit must be used on a new Google account within 15 days of activation. So as you might expect, i call godaddy who will then blame Google (Even though it is a newly activated Google credit)

So, i am listening to the recorded conversation to tell you here what happened,

** for my records and convenience the file from the auto call recorder is godaddy_expired_credits_API_Voice-0003.amr ***

Anyway, here is more or less what happened (i am not strictly transcribing but rather describing and skipping the nonsense), but the audio file is available (I am not sure if it is legal to post it though)

So, here is the lowdown on the phone call, this is what you need to know, i don’t know how godaddy will justify that they still offer you to activate a credit that has expired before being activated, or why they still give you a link to activate it after the 1 month, or why they have the activation feature all together if it starts counting for expiry from the time of purchase not the time of activation of the credit, but check this out.

ON HOLD through 22:36
Godaddy Brit : as far as it expires after a month , that you will not find with us, however you will find on that disclaimer there that Google has the right to revoke it at any time for any reason, any credits that we supply, that may be on Google’s end, that’s not something we have the right to say, because once again that is on Google’s end, Google’s terms, but not our terms.

Waiting for a representative to pick up 6:46

Me: i have an old account, and i logged in to get the invoice from there so i can print it, and i found that i have google credits, so i opened the credits tab where the credits were not used, so i clicked activate, and i just did activate them, and then i went to Google adwords, i created a new account, i entered the promo code, and it tells me that this promotional code has expired, i just activated it but it expired.

Godaddy Brit: Ok let me take a look here, did you ever have any products in this account

Me: Yes, surely, an API reseller account

Godaddy Brit: Okay, but i can’t see anything in here right now.

Me: I can see it, i just click on promo codes, Oh, u mean… You just go to order history, i cancelled that product,

Godaddy Brit: Okay, i am not sure that credit will be useful if there is no actual product in the account

Me: Well Brit, i am not sure about that, because it doesn’t have an expiry on the credit, So if we could go step by step and check out that credit, it shows i still have the credit, and there is a button to activate it, So i clicked the button just right now two minutes ago, and it gave me that it was activated on the fifth, which is today, and gave me the code, Now just by giving me the code this means this is an actual Google code, right ? Google credit code, or is it some random string of numbers

Godaddy Brit: I am not sure how it works in connection with Google, but if you want me to run this by my lead just to make sure, please remain on the line.

On wait 13:15
Godaddy Brit: Apparently those credits, although you were able to activate it, they expire on Google’s end about a month after you purchase the product, so if you bought a domain name,and you got the credits, A month after you could still activate it on our end, but Google will reject it about a month after the purchase

Me: Ok, Brit, is that written anywhere ? because i have seen your adwords account needs to be less than two weeks old, but i leave my credits unactivated because it doesn’t say anywhere that you lose your rights to the credits here or there or this way or that way,

Godaddy Brit: Ok, this is probably not as illustrated the best that it could be but let me see here, (A wait) and are you activating this code in a new adwords account or….

Me: Yes sir, it is a new account

Godaddy Brit: So right now i am scanning through our almost unless looking legal terms of service for you to find you where this statement is on.

Me: No problem, take your time, sorry for the inconvenience

Godaddy Brit: Let me run this by one of my leads

Me: take your time

ON HOLD through 22:36
Godaddy Brit : as far as it expires after a month , that you will not find with us, however you will find on that disclaimer there that Google has the right to revoke it at any time for any reason, any credits that we supply, that may be on Google’s end, that’s not something we have the right to say, because once again that is on Google’s end, Google’s terms, but not our terms.

Common name is already present in a current certificate

Four days of godaddy SSL hell (starfield technologies certificate)

So, i am not writing this to mock godaddy or godaddy resellers or support, this is just a problem that you need to understand before you call godaddy (or any of their resellers) simply to save time and not to have to wait for 4 days like i did

When i submit my security signing request (csr file) to godaddy or wild west domains, the error i get reads

Common name is already present in a current certificate.

The reason to this is that someone (probably you or a previous owner) already issued a certificate for that domain from another account.

SOLUTION: Certificate, or even expired certificate must be REVOKED, cancelled is not good enough, the magic word is REVOKED, when the certificate expires, you can not revoke it, you must contact support and tell them that you need to revoke it by email.

So, i have not taken the time to organize the text below this line yet, if you are arguing about something in an effort to reduce your wait time, see below for whatever you need, but again, i did not refine any text below this line or organized it or even checked that it is correct.


UPDATE: Godaddy wrong again, when i get the time i will listen to the recorded conversation (because my phone auto records all conversations) and tell you exactly what you need to do to not rely on the faulty godaddy manuals, in short this is what happened (as i remember it is close to this)

So, here is what my conversations with godaddy comes down to, not accurately, but in short, what it comes down to (for my reference, the file is godaddy ssl Voice-0003.amr)

But as i start to get skeptical about this resolving itself in a few hours, i will call jet (the very helpful customer care representative) again and see if anything can be done.

Godaddy (Jet): After canceling the certificate, you need to wait for three days
Me: No, i am sure we have to revoke it, and since it is expired, i can not revoke it
Godaddy (Jet): No you are mistaken, after cancelling, we wait for three days then put in a new request
Me: Ok i will wait
I wait for 2 days, then call again as my website is down
Me: are you sure that within 3 days the system will do cleanup, if the job runs once every three days, 2 days increases the odds of what i was saying being right, can you please double check ? my website has been down for two days
Godaddy: no need to check, there is nothing we can do
And after 3 days of still no luck, i call again
Me: hi, i have waited for 3 days
Godaddy (denis): yes sir, for a certificate to get cleared from the system it needs to be revoked, i will have them send you an email so we can revoke it by email.
me: Seriously, that’s what i said 3 days ago
Godaddy (denis): I wonder why they did not do that on the first day
Me: thanx anyways