1- Install RUST with VSCODE

The official VSCODE extension for rust is called (rust-analyzer) by rust-lang.org

To install rust, All you need is the installer, you can get it from rustup.rs, it might fire up a visual studio installer for the builder if you are running windows…

So, to check that you have rust installed on your computer, You may want to run the following command

rustc --version

In my case, it responds with (rustc 1.77.0 (aedd173a2 2024-03-17))

To update rust, you will need to run the commadn

rustup update

If you want to create a new rust project you CD into a directory where you want the project to be, and issue the command

cargo new projectname

Now, you can open the projectname directory in VSCODE to start working on a project

If at any time you want to update the dependancies in your project, you can simply issue the command

cargo update

from within the project directory, this should update the cargo.lock file etc….

To add libraries to cargo, visit crates.io and you can get the names of the libraries you can add to Cargo.toml