VW group OBD-II tools

First, If you are here to research before you buy, the post explaining everything not specific, but applies to VW is here.

VW- group cars include Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, MAN, Lamborghini, and Bugatti, all those vehicles use the same VW diagnostics software.

The software for VW cars is called ODIS and comes in 2 flavors, Service and Engineering (ODIS-S, and ODIS-E)

You don’t need all of the hardware to run the ODIS system as any windows based machine should replace most parts of the station, What you will need is a VCI pass-thru device.

In fact, you don’t need the original hardware at all for that purpose, Your laptop and a cheap passthrough device should do, for example, the GODIAG GD101 is a $20 passthrough piece that works with VWs own software

Red = Complete system
Green = VCI passthrough plug

  • VAS5052A (Computer)
  • VAS5054 (VAS5052A) (VCI, OKI Chip, Bluetooth)
  • VAS5054A (VAS5052A) (VCI, OKI Chip, Bluetooth)
  • VAS6150B
  • VAS 6154A (Like B but different wifi chip)
  • VAS 6154B (VCI, ODIS-S 23.0.0 and newer only)
  • VAS6160A (VAS 6160 (Newer vehicles), VAS 5051 (Older vehicles), VAS 5052 (non-brand vehicles), VAS 5052A)
  • VAS6160C
  • VAS6150E-NV
  • VAS6150F (VAS6154B)
  • VAS6150F-NV

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