List of OBD-II and Automotive repair software

This is a list of software and hardware that are relevant to repairing and parts of cars and trucks

Terms and concepts

Obviously, all of this is missing many details that are mostly irrelevant to why you are reading this post, You are probably here to figure out what tools you will need, and that is what I will focus on.

  • PID: Parameter IDs: The test software sends IDs and expects error codes or information in return, Some IDs are mandated by the state, other IDs are specific to a manufacturer.
  • response (Ex: Error) codes: Just like the PIDs (The questions- sent by the testing instruments), some responses are mandatory standards and others are manufacturer or car specific.
  • J1979: A standard set of PID/Response codes of which many are mandatory for all vehicles mostly for emissions regulations purposes
  • J1962: A standard for the hardware connector plug you can see under your instrument panel (Under your dash, in the footwell), formally named The DLC (Data link connector), Starting 1996, the OBD-II (OBD2) connector with both its variants (OBDII-A for 12V and OBDII-B for 24V) should be available for all cars sold in the US. Although it is now universal, some cars in other parts of the world didn’t get them until a few years later.
  • ELM327 command protocol:
  • J2534: THE TOOL, A tool that supports the J2534 standard should be able to speak to the vehicle in all of the following protocols (ISO9141, ISO14230 (KWP2000), J1850, CAN (ISO11898), ISO15765, SAE J2610, and J1939 (2005+))


Toyota, Lexus, Scion

  • TechStream:
    What it is: Official OBD-II Software
    Hardware: MINI-VCI J2534 (Read only)


  • XENTRY (OEM official): The official mercedes benz diagnostics software that works for 2010 and newer cars, A version of XENTRY that is compatible with generic devices is called XENTRY Pass Through (XPT)
  • DAS (OEM official) : DAS stands for Diagnostic Assistance System), which is the predecessor of XENTRY, and is generally used for cars made between 2000 and 2010
  • HHT software (OEM official) : The predecessor to DAS, and generally applies to cars from the 1990s
  • Mercedes EWA (OEM official): This is the software that is your gateway to both the Workshop Information System (WIS) and the Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC), the EPC has been moved online, but you can still find older copies floating around
  • Star finder
  • Star diagnose
  • SAMF


Mazda IDS software covers everything up to 6th gen vehicles, MDARS (Mazda diagnostics and repair software) is needed for 7th gen vehicles such as the 2019 Mazda3, or the 2020 CX-30


Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, MAN, Lamborghini, and Bugatti

  • ODIS-S Offboard diagnostic information service – Service
  • ODIS-E Offboard diagnostic information service – Engineering

Third Party

    What it is: Repair manual (With parts) and diagnostic software for a wide array of vehicles
    * Turned from software distributed on DVDs into an online service in 2012
  • OBDeleven
    licensed for VW group, BMW group, and TOYOTA group (List of brands = VW – AUDI – BMW – MINI – TOYOTA – SKODA – SEAT | CUPRA – LAMBORGHINI – BENTLY – LEXUS – ROLLS-ROYCE)
  • VCDS BY Ross-Tech
    VW/Audi cars
  • Torque and Torque pro (Ian Hawkins)
    Works on android phones, probably one of the most popular OBD2 softwares that are not made for professionals, but it does the trick for many minor issues. Plugins are downloaded for cars to add functionality to this software, for example, you can modify the software with those plugins to show hybrid battery voltages in real time for a toyota prius
  • To do: ELMConfig, Forscan, ScanMaster


  • Xhorse MINI-VCI J2534 clone
    Clones of this are the most common adapters due to their low price ($20), It allows reading but not programming, It is also very slow, It works with Toyota Techstream, Mercedes Xentry, etc…. but not all functionality is possible.
  • Xhorse MVCI Pro
  • GODIAG GD101 J2534 Passthru: Cheap (Around $25) OBD adapter, J2534 AND ELM327 capable
  • Scanmatik 2 PRO
  • VAS6154 WIFI VAS5054A: It works with ODIS (Tested on 6.2) and engineering (Tested on 14)
  • VAS6154
  • VNCI 6154A
  • VXDIAG VCX SE 6154
  • Cantact, a single channel USB CAN interface which among other CAN systems supports OBD-II (
  • CANable 2.0: Can accomodate the same firmware as Cantact
  • GM MDI2,
  • genuine AVDI,
  • VAS5054
  • VXDIAG passthru
  • X-Horse toyota vci,
  • FORD VCM II rotunda,
  • Chipsoft Mid, Pro 24v
  • Chipsoft lite 12v
  • Toyota mvci + driver
  • VCX nano
  • Scanmatik 2
  • OTC VIM for Toyota
  • Volvo DiCE
  • Cantiecar
  • Autel Maxiflash Pro

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