Everything about the Arduino Mega 2560 Pro Embed

In this post, I am simply making a reference of the Arduino mega 2560 Pro Embed so that i can find the info easily when i need it again

The Arduino pro mega embed is basically the same MCU (CPU) as the Arduino Mega, but instead of using it for shields, it is better suited for a printed circuit board.

Where to get it

The board is all over the place, Amazon, Ebay, and other providers, I found one on amazon for $11.71 and people seem to be happy with the seller,
$11.71 – Mega Pro Embed on Amazon
mind you, buying it through this link will earn me 2% of the sale.

Size and installation

The Arduino Mega Pro Embed is a third (1/3) of the size of the MEGA at 38X55mm, the length of the Mega pro embed is the same as the width of the MEGA, and the width of the mega pro is a third of the length of the MEGA

There are 2 mounting holes on the board, making it east to mount with a couple of standoffs if needed, the same standoffs you would use to mount a PC motherboard into a case.

Chips (Logic)

The MCU is the same (ATmega2560) with almost all of it’s pins broken out, it has a TTL USB adapter CH340G (Drivers here).


The board has 86 pins (Regular Mega has 96, the additional ones are either duplicated or not functional), the Mega Pro Embed has the following 86 pins

2 5V
2 3.3V
1 Reset
54 Digital (14 of which are PWM capable)
16 ADC
4 UART bus
6 ICSP Pins are directly connected to digital pins D48 – D53 (Duplicates)


It accepts power in the range of 7-9 (18V peak for a very short time) 7 is recommended, it has two voltage regulators, 5V and 3.3V (800ma each)


The board has 2 resonators, 12Mhz and 16Mhz, the 12 is for the CH340G while the 16 is for the ATmega2560


Microcontroller ATmega2560
USB-TTL converter CH340
Power Out 5V-800mA
Power IN. 5V
Power IN. VIN/DC Jack 5V
Power Consumption 5V 220mA
Logic Level 5V
Clock Frequency 16MHz
Operating Supply Voltage 5V
Digital I/O 54
Analog I/O 16
Memory Size 256kb
Data RAM Type/Size 8Kb
Data ROM Type/Size 4Kb
Interface Type ISP
Operating temperature −40С°/+85С°
Length x Width 38×54mm


The board’s logic is 5V
MOSI – D51 or ICSP-4
MISO – D50 or ICSP-1
SCK (Serial Clock)- D52 or ICSP-3
SS (Slave) D53 – set as output as the library does not support slave.


20 (SDA), 21 (SCL) MEGA 2560 board has pull-up resistors on pins 20 – 21 onboard.

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