Mounting a disk image in Linux

The new way of mounting a disk image created with dd, dd_rescue, or ddrescue has become much simpler than before, all you need now is to issue the command

losetup --partscan --find --show disk.img

then above will tell you what loop device is being used, let us assume it is /dev/loop0, right after, a quick fdisk -l should show you the partitions, in my case, i have /dev/loop0p1 and /dev/loop0p2

mount /dev/loop0p1 /mnt

now, the first partition is mounted, to reverse this, you will need to first unmount /mnt then, you can delete the loop device with

losetup -d /dev/loop0

At this stage you can mount it like any other device, in read-write mode by default, if you want to mount it in read only mode, you can use the -o switch

sudo mount -o ro /dev/loop0px /hds/loopdevice

Now, if you have DDd a partition rather than a block device (disk) and want to mount it, you can simply mount it as a loop device, and then mount the loop device (loop0) without a Px at the end

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