Changing Windows Fax And Scan storage folder

Well, to make a long story short, I make large scans that don’t need to be on my system disk, I would like to have them stored on the spinning disk, So, i searched online, and found that people were suggesting that I create a symlink to the new location in place of the Scanned Documents folder, Something like

mklink /d "C:\Users\yazeed\Documents\Scanned Documents" D:\scanner

The above obviously has downsides, backup software, changed disk IDs, or other unforeseen effects, In my mind, there is no way the developers of Windows Fax And Scan have hard coded this into the application,

Another solution would have been to move the entire Documents folder (Right click it, then change it’s location, windows provides that option), But not everyone wants that, So there is a third more elegant solution (Even though this works like a charm)

The third is to look in the registry (Find) where Windows Fax And Scan stores it’s path (Look for the word scanned for example), and change that, but i Have already gone with the second, the third should be simple

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