The ADATA S596 64GB SSD (500 series)

The controller on this SSD is the jmf612, along with the RAM chip (Cache) hynix H5PS1G63EFR (SDRAM) (64m X 16BIT) = 1Gbit which is 128MB (128 MBYTE).

This chip does not suffer from the latency problem in the JMF601A/602A chips, (jmf612 is 2009 while JMF601A is 2006).

The memory that comes with the drive is made by intel (29F32G08AAMDB), 4GB per chip, With 16 such chips, we have 64GB of flash on the board, the photos will follow once i get them off my camera and onto this blog.

The reason why i am keeping record here is that this drive is probably going to be used as a bcache cache device, and i am concerned about reliability, Granted that it is 90% read scenario, some websites are claiming that data corruption is a downside, but not providing any elaboration,,383/ (The crosair reactor-r60 is identical to this drive)

The drive is claimed to have speeds of read 240 write 170, compression is not a factor in this as other drives use compression to gain speed, something that is only good for certain types of data

There is also a new firmware at the adata website that you should make sure is installed, ADATA S596 Firmware Update Tool V1.0

Drives with this controller include

  • Patriot Zephyr SSD
  • Corsair Reactor-r60
  • Active Media Predator-X7
  • Western Digital SiliconEdge Blue
  • Kingston V-series

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