All about my Huawei E1750 – Unlocking et al

I have a Huawei E1752 Dongle from Orange Jordan (Formerly known as Mobilecom) that will only connect to the Orange Jordan network, the name E1752 is just a variant of E1750.

At first, i thought unlocking those required flashing new firmware, turns out i was wrong, this one in particular, all you need to do is enter the unlock code !

So i made sure it was unlocked on more than 1 computer, and then i made sure it was unlocked on more than one other service provider (i tried SIM cards from both umniah and zain)

To unlock the card, all you ever need to do is enter the unlock code ONCE and the dongle is permanently unlocked, What you need after that is to make sure you use the official Huawei software to connect it (unless you are connecting on Linux), you should be able to connect the dongle using any software for Windows that supports this, i chose to use the official “Huawei mobile partner) software, which is the software for this dongle before it gets modified by telcos.

What happened was this, at first, i tried to connect with mobile partener, and it asked me for an unlock code.

Then i went to and entered the IMEI code printed on the back of the dongle, and that was it, it was unlocked, permanently ! on any computer that has never seen this dongle before.


Things i notices
I unlocked 2 of those, and they both share the starting part of the IMEI code (35463904) then the remaining part is different for both dongles

The other computer i tested on could not find drivers for the thing, so i downloaded some drivers, I will post them here for you to download them whenever i have the time and i make sure it wont be a copyright issue.

I downloaded some software from Huawei’s website thinking it was the new version of mobile partner, something about windows 8.1, ran it on windows 7, and the software claimed to have updated my modem or modified it, but that is not relevant to the unlocking because i did not run this on the second USB dongle that i unlocked.

Anyways, if you have any questions, Let me know and i will certainly share my thoughts.

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