Switching from windows to flash stick linux, my whole experience

Being a linux super user / server administrator for many many years, i still use windows for my work / personal use, working with putty all the time to access the linx machines.

So just in order to drop the laptop, and replace it with a flash stick in my pocket, and maybe sometimes an external hard drive (when i am dealing with big files), I have decide to drop windows all together, in favor of a linux installation on a flash stick in my pocket.

Then, i can use the work PC, and the home PC, and my laptop anywhere without having multiple installations of the same thing.

Because my computer has data aging back to 2001 that i sometimes need or use etc… I will probably be keeping my windows installation in my laptop even when i boot it from a flash stick with Debian Linux on it.

But for this ambitious project, i have to compile a list of programs that replace my everyday use programs, i am not talking adobe premier here, i am talking more like adobe photoshop. and something to replace adobe dreamweaver.

To do this, i will use a USB3 64GB flash stick, and dedicate 32GBs to a FAT/NTFS system suitable for use on any windows PC, and a bootable EXT4 (has to be the second one because windows only sees the first partition on flash sticks) that boots debian wheezy. I have left a post somewhere on this blog on how to do that that i will link from here very soon.

So, here is a list of things i use every day, and candidates for linux, I will keep growing this list as i go because i think it is very essential

Windows Linux
I use it for all my image processing needs Adobe Photoshop The Gimp
I might use it for documents i get by email etc… Microsoft office One of the 2 popular office suites for Linux.
I use dreamweaver for everything, All the formatted documents i create for myself or to send to others are either HTML or PDF, plain text documents are the ones i use most of the time, but that comes with vanilla debian Adobe dramweaver Quanta Plus, Aptana, KompoZer, BlueGriffon
Web browser Firefox Whatever name the chose for Firefox
VMWARE workstation VMWARE workstation
Windows Network Samba


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