Eclipse Content assist and fast auto complete

So in my Window => preferences window, i searched for “content assist”, and under content assist for PHP, i made the value 50 rather than 200, this did not help at all as there was no change.

So i searched for text editors and enrich after delay to enrich immediately, and magically everything worked on PDT, this does not make sense, what does hovering have to do with content assist, but there you are, now as soon as i write anything, choices star appearing 😀

Again, Switching from Zend Studio (paid) to PDT (Eclipse) which is ironically made by Zend as well was a very good move, i feel no issues whatsoever, i think this one is even better than the old version of Zend studio i was using, and Zend studio offered me no advantage at all, even though it would probably be beneficial to some who know hot to use the zend tools and get the studio to compliment those tools.

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