Windows server 2008 R2 32GB memory limit

Microsoft server 2008 R2 STANDARD seems to have a 32GB memory limit, so my Windows server reports memory as follows

64.0 GB (32.0 GB usable), and this is indeed what Microsoft tells me on this page

If it appears that VMWARE is using some of the 32 spare gigabytes and leaving the system memory alone, this is an illusion because vmware workstation does not allocate all the memory of the VM at power on, give it a few hours, or copy a very big file within the workstation and it will take the ram away.

By the way, i had to write this because the answer is only available on a website that wants me to become a member to show me this information, so i experimented myself and put this information up for grabs. no one should have to pay $12 a month for a subscription to a website that displays information the site owners never even contributed to finding.

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