Searching you hard drive for files or for a string in a file

On a linux box, there is a simple way to search for some text inside a file using regular expressions in the command line

So, the short answer, in Linux, you can simply execute this line

grep -R -B3 -A4 "MYTEXT" /var/ > /root/findingres.txt

this will show you 3 lines before the text and 4 lines after the string and the file name, it will search in the /var/ folder, and will store the searching results to /root/findingres.txt

The above is a simple example, you can use regular expressions to find more complicated stuff

Also, if you want to search the entier hard drive for a string, and you want to search only in one type of file that you want to specify using a file extension you can use the following

grep -R --include=*.txt "MYTEXT" /etc/

Now, if you want to search for a file by file name,

find / -type f -name "myfile.txt"

would look for an exact file name, if you are looking to find a file using wildcards, for example, any file that ends in a certain extension you would

find / -type f -iname "*.psd"

If you want to include directories in your search, remove the -type flag

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